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The goal of our project is connecting local schools to local industries. Through this partnership students are exposed to real problems facing real companies. Students will utilize their skills and abilities in cooperation with professionals in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields to find solutions.


This project has developed a partnership with First Energy and the nearby Beaver Valley Power Station. An inside look into Nuclear Energy and how it supplies electricity as well as challenges facing the industry. This project provides students with a unique hands-on learning experience.



Connecting local students to local industry.

Together we can change the world!

This video is a project created by Katie Masterson and Taylor Steinle that details Environmental Advantages and Disadvatages of Nuclear Energy. Be sure to check out the STUDENT WORK to learn more from the future of Nuclear Energy!


Click the 'What is Fission' image to learn about the fission process through a website created by Madelyn and Alyssa. Be sure to check out the STUDENT SOLUTIONS to view the problems and solutions facing the nuclear industry!

Nuclear Day at Blackhawk High School
February 28 2015


Beaver County Times Article
May 28 2015 



This was not part of the Global Passport Project but is a fine example of the collaboration of teachers, students, and the Blackhawk community. Blackhawk High School's first "lip dub".

This is where you can make a difference. If you like what you see - we should connect.  Your organization can partner with Blackhawk to deliver a unique hands-on learning experience. Share your thoughts and ideas with us. Your involvement will have an impact!

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